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PURE Avanti Flow display replacement

Following my work on swapping the OLED display of a PURE Evoke Flow, I've had several requests for help in doing the same for a PURE Avanti Flow.  I didn't have any experience of these radios but I have now sourced a used one 'for spares or repairs' and it's sat here on my desk.  The display has worn out but I'm told the rest of it works OK and is worthing checking out.

I happen to have a spare new (white) OLED display so it's worth having a go. It will take me some time to strip it apart and get to the display. It's three times bigger than an Evoke Flow, has a big sub woofer, mains PSU, stereo speakers and ipod dock thing as well, which will probably all get in the way and make life more difficult. However this project is on my To Do List and I will photograph the sequence and do a write-up in due course, so keep your fingers crossed and watch this space!

Reader Comments (2)

I just found your website not 10 minutes ago and have been trawling through your projects, also looking for help on fixing the display on my PURE Avanti Flow. Just read "this project is on my To Do List and I will photograph the sequence and do a write-up in due course..." thinking this was written years ago, but no, 6 days ago!

I am watching this space with much anticipation :D

Kind Regards


March 16, 2019 at 13:56 | Unregistered CommenterBob

The good news is that I have actually succeeded in replacing the OLED on an Avanti Flow. I completed the work an hour ago. The bad news is that it is ten times harder than a Pure Evoke Flow with a lot of scope to overlook something or fail to connect everything back together properly again, so it is not a trivial task.

In fact it has been quite a pig of a job involving a lot of keyhole surgery and I used pretty much every tool in my electronics toolkit, but it worked first time and the display (a white OLED) is now working properly again. Sometimes I surprise myself!

Due to the complexities I can't do a full step-by-step blog but will endeavour within the next week or so to show what's involved, with photographs. So do watch this space!

March 16, 2019 at 14:24 | Registered CommenterAlan W

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