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Home is where you hang your @.

Welcome to the corner of the web that I call Home! Many will know me as the Online Editor of EPE (Everyday Practical Electronics) Magazine, one of the last remaining electronics titles in the world. As such I'm probably best known online for writing a variety of electronics and Internet columns. I also wrote the Basic Soldering Guide, the #1 online guide with photos showing the basic steps needed to solder electronic circuits successfully.

Over the decades I've gained much wide-ranging experience in other sectors though, including consumer product design and management, packaging design, manufacturing industry and commerce, the cycle market, photography and IT/ Internet usage too. This is often reflected in the topics I write about.

I started out in hobby electronics back in the 1970's as a schoolboy, and submitted my first little article to Practical Electronics in December 1975. Since then I designed scores of hobby electronics projects over the years.  I got involved with Internet usage in 1993, while working full time in manufacturing industry whilst freelancing in electronics publishing at the same time. Along with web design, the Internet would become a major part of my work, enabling me to combining together various areas of expertise.

These days I concentrate on my electronics authoring, specialist photography and writing columns and articles. My new website launched in 2012 replaced my venerable old site dating back to the Year 2000 when the world was quite different (and probably a lot better place).

To all my regular readers and friends I've made around the world, I thank you for your encouraging feedback and kind appreciation of my work over the past 20 years. And all the magazine folks starting with IPC Magazines of the 1970s through to everyone at Wimborne Publishing Ltd. who support and suffer me every day, thank you too!

Take a look around AlanWinstanley.com and I hope you find something of interest to you.

Alan Winstanley

February 2012