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Hang on to your cables...

I’ve a multitude of computer and photo peripherals, mobile phone accessories and electronics that all have to be plugged into something or other. USB mice, Firewire video cameras and scanners, mains adaptors for mobile phones, cameras and radios... a problem I often have is how to keep the USB cables or power leads handy and stop them disappearing behind the desk when I disconnect them for any reason.

Handy stick-on cable-clips stop PC connection cables from disappearing off the deskI found these handy stick-on cable clips that will retain any leads up to roughly 6mm diameter. You can stick them on the desk or tabletop and feed the cables through them, and the connector plug will always be to hand and won’t vanish, whip-lash style, out of view the moment you unhook it.

They keep the PC lead for my camcorder handy, as well as my wireless mouse mains adaptor, portable radio PSU lead, USB extension leads too. They also tidied up some errant wires that trailed down from the top shelf.

The soft and rubbery plastic clips are available in bright colours and sized just over 1” diameter, fitted with double-sided foam disc. You can buy them on eBay for a couple of pounds for twelve. I repeated my order for a dozen more of these handy things.

They could also be used to grip pens, CF memory cards or maybe the edges of card etc. What else could you use them for?