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Library of constructional projects and reprints - Alan Winstanley

Here is a full list of my constructional projects since the 1970's (Mains Delay Switch, April 1978) to the last one (Windicator, July 1995) with links to PDF reprints. The background design and prototype notes can be found separately, in the individual parts of my online 'Interviews' elsewhere on this web site.

EE Mains Delay Switch  April 78

Auto Nightlight  July 78

Fuse Checker  Oct 78

Water Level Alert  Dec 78

Time Delay Indicator  Feb 79

Darkroom Timer  July 79

Uniboards 1 Opto Alarm Nov 79

Uniboards 2 Burglar Alarm  Dec 79

Uniboards 3 9V PSU   Jan 80

Mains On-Off Timer  Jan 80

Uniboards 4 Touch Switch  Mar 80

Gas Sentinel  Apr 80

Uniboards 5 Audio Tone Generator  May 80

Uniboards 6 Voltage Converter  Jun 80

Uniboards 7 Dusk-Dawn Relay  Oct 80

Soil Moisture Monitor  Nov 80

Xmas Lights Flasher  Dec 80

IC Uniboards 1 No Entry Indicator  Dec 80

IC Uniboards 2 Ice Alarm  Jan 81

IC Uniboards 3 6-7½-9V PSU  Feb 81

Bench Power Supply  Mar 81

IC Uniboards 4 Mini Siren  Mar 81

Pressure Mat Trigger Alarm  Nov 81

Siren Module  Jan 82

In-car PSU  Apr 82

Security Vari-Light  Dec 82

Opto Repeater  Jan 83

4 Channel Gas & Smoke Sentinel  Jan 84

Washer Fluid [Car] Monitor  Aug 84

Mains Monitor  Feb 85

Continuity Test Unit  Jul 85

Drill Control Unit  Aug 85

Door Chime  Jun 87

Door Sentinel  May 88

Power Controller [Phase Control type]  Sep 88

Auto Nightlight  Dec 91

Auto Garage Light  Mar 92

UV Exposure Timer Jul 92

Washer [car, fluid] Monitor  Sep 92

Pond Heater Thermostat   Jan 94

Power Controller [Burst Firing]  Nov 94

Multipurpose Thermostat  Mar 95

Windicator  Jul 95

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