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Interview Part 3: Great Graticules!

I continue with the story of more constructional projects and series, including the popular Uniboards that some readers still remember to this day. I’ve made downloadable PDF reprints of the articles with a separate PDF about my actual prototypes, which I’ve rediscovered and photographed again for the first time in 30-odd years.

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Interview Part 2: A voyage on Veroboard

After reading "Everyday Electronics" as a 1970s teenager, I started writing my own constructional articles. I've uploaded the original EE articles (PDF) with separate colour photos of the actual 1970's prototypes, recently unearthed in my workshop.

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Interview Part 1: the control freak

I’m sometimes asked how I got involved with electronics and writing for magazines. I had to dig back more than forty years in order to unearth the inspirations for my interest in technology and electronics!

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