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Soon be 2015 - time for a new diary...

It’s time to start thinking of next year’s diary and the new 2015 diaries are now in stock. I’m not one to put all my eggs in one basket so I never use PC office software nor my mobile phone to keep track of appointments. Instead I use an old-fashioned product that contains strange white material called “paper” and data is entered using a “pen”. 

Collins Wiro A5 notebook diary is simple to use, opens flat and has plenty of space to jot down notes every week [click to see]My personal favourite diary for many years has been the Collins 61 Wiro Weekly Notebook diary. It’s spiral wire-bound so it opens easily and lays flat on my desk. Its best feature is the lefthand side which is left blank for notetaking. Great for scribbling down reminders, jotting down things to do, taking notes during phone calls and so on, I use it all the time. Also, there’s no guff that bulks up other diaries and things like dialling codes and national holidays are kept to the minimum. The Collins Wiro Notebook diary is easy to use, versatile and focussed on the job of showing a week to a view.

Interior view - the lefthand side is for notes [click to see]

The A5 size (my preferred choice) is perfect for many desks and tabletops, so if you’re starting to look ahead to 2015 now’s the time to source a useful diary like the Collins 61 Notebook. If you’re busy with more notes and appointments, the A4 size is probably better. I also like to use neon pens for writing or highlighting notes and you can try some fun stickers too.

  • Just a tip, it’s worth keeping diaries for several years because you never know when you might want to look back and refer to useful notes, phone numbers, quotes etc. that you jotted down.