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How to Fit Daytime Running Lights to your car

Daytime running lights project an intense pencil-beam of light forwards, which shines directly at oncoming traffic and can typically be seen from half a mile away or more. This has to be more effective than dipped headlights which shine downwards onto the road ahead. Here's how I fitted some high-tech Philips DRLs to a car - the best thing I ever spent £120 on.

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How to store a spare car battery at home?

How do you safely store a car battery at home? The answer came from the marine and camping sector, where 12V lead-acid battery storage is a common problem. I found Italian manufacturer Trem produces a wide range of high quality plastic battery boxes for camping (leisure batteries) or marine use, and I found a tough box with removable lid that was just the job.

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Repair a Draper ARHL 6V rechargeable battery

It's simple enough to do once you locate the correct spare part, so don't throw away that old Draper searchlight but repair the battery instead. I show how in this step-by-step article, along with a source of spares.

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CTEK Battery Chargers connect with 'comfort'

Describing the CTEK MXS 5.0 12V electronic car battery charger with many unique features that conditions and maintains your car battery and is clean, fast and simple to connect. Ideal for winter use, also ideal for vintage cars, marine use, motorcycle or motorhome owners.

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The story of TF2 with Teflon®

In the early 1990s I found myself inventing and designing products for mountain bike maintenance, including TF2 with Teflon® spray lube. I recall the background from initial concept through to product launch in this article, along with some interesting aerosol facts that I bet you didn't know.

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