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BT8500 Advanced new Call Blocker DECT handset

If you're pestered to death by nuisance phone calls like I am - a dozen phone calls from TNS alone recently - then a nuisance call blocker is the answer.  The most effective design has been the expensive TrueCall system, a separate box that answers the phone on your behalf so you don't have to directly engage with the caller.  A separate Internet-related service is available (£20 a year from year Two) if you want to micro-manage your incoming calls.

However, for many harassed consumers who are targetted by junk calls, the answer may well be BT's new BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker, a cordless system (up to six DECT handsets) that is powered by Truecall.  Junk calls can be dealt with silently, or sent to the answerphone, or put through to your handset - it's your choice. A dekstop corded model is also now available.

This is a fantastic and long-overdue development, a proper game-changer and one that I'm looking at very closely. Also check my earlier article about the problems of nuisance calls and how to deal with them. More details...