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Cashback offers on Asus tablets - hurry

Upgrade your old 7”+ tablet for a new Asus and get up to £50 cashback

Thinking of buying a new tablet?  Me too! If you have an old, unloved but fully working 7”+  tablet you can currently trade up to a brand new Asus Android tablet and earn up to £50 cashback direct from Asus. This offer runs to 15th March 2015 and qualifying vendors including Amazon UK are taking part in this great promotion. If you order a new qualifying Asus tablet, register the purchase and a box will be sent to ship your old one back. After inspection and approval a cashback will be paid direct by bank transfer.

You might be wanting a better display or battery life, faster wi-fi performance, Bluetooth or removable memory cards (or all those things, in my case), or simply get another tablet for leisure or the kids. Now is a great time to buy, especially after Christmas when offers are keener than ever in these cash-strapped times: there's no need to fork out for an expensive, top of the range tablet when Asus offers better value and good quality.

The promotion rules are very clear – your old tablet must be 7" or more, in good, serviceable condition with no undue wear, cracks, chips or heavy cosmetic damage, chassis or water damage etc. and it must power up properly. You must claim within 14 days.

Popular Asus tablets including the MeMo ME170C (7” 8GB, wifi) and MeMo ME181C (8” 16GB, wifi) are great value but other Asus tablets (eg the 10” TF103) are also in the promotion. Some products on Amazon don't seem to highlight the cashback offer for some reason, but here is the definitive list of Qualifying Tablets and FAQs published by Asus.

I’ve chosen a funky purple (which was lots cheaper) Asus MeMoPad ME181C – it’s Intel 64 bit quad-core Atom-powered, has Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), an 8” 1280x800 IPS smudge resistant screen, 16GB onboard memory (expandable to 64GB with MicroSD cards, not supplied), 802.11n wifi, GPS, Bluetooth 4, G-sensor, 9 hour (max.) battery.

Note that Android tablets cannot work with Amazon Prime streaming video service. Consider an Amazon HD Fire instead for that.

Below are a few useful links for the Asus 8” ME181C , so you can check the details yourself.

Have a look at the Asus Tablet store on and see what you think and you could bag yourself a bargain. I'll let you know how I get on with mine - even if it is purple!


 Sticking up four fingers to Android

KitKat 4 mega-bite Mobile version

The next version 4.4 of Android will be dubbed not Key Lime Pie but..... KitKat.  They have a sweet tooth at Google HQ, and Nestlés iconic four-fingered chocolate wafer bar has been chosen as the face of Android’s next iteration, following hard on the heels of the current Jelly Bean.

Nestlé has joined in the fun, being impressively quick off the mark by re-engineering its website in anticipation of this latest upgrade.  KitKat 4.4 has arrived, says the home page, and by scrolling down the page you can learn more about KitKat’s hardware and accessories.

KitKat 4 mega-bite version will be ideal for mobile or i-Tea workersKitKat 4.4 features include adjustable orientation, allowing data to be consumed in landscape or portrait mode. Accessories include mugs of coffee in various colours, and it comes with 2 mega-bites, 4 mega-bites or Chunky options. It’s Mobile, too, so you can take one to work.

To learn more about this essential accessory for i-Tea workers, head over to and slowly scroll down to immerse yourself in the benefits of KitKat 4.4. 

More details on Let's hope you don't have to keep your Android 4.4 phone or tablet in the fridge during hot weather though...