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Site of the day on eeweb

I'm quite chuffed (and pleasantly surprised) to say that my site EPEMag.Net has been highlighted as Engineering Site of the Day on eeweb. Which is nice.


Petrol storage at home - the risks and the law

Read why a 20L jerrycan is 2X too big for home useThe mad rush to beat a possible tanker driver's strike is seeing some crazy scenes at the petrol pumps. If you're thinking of storing any petrol (gasoline) at home then it's important that you know the risks and the law.  I've summarised the main points you need to know in Consumer Stuff(Broken link fixed - sorry!)


Why coin cells are highly dangerous to kids

Read why coin cells can be highly dangerous to kids and what to do if they are swallowed accidentallyI'm reminded by a reader of the danger that button batteries or coin cells pose to kids - if they're swallowed then it should be treated as a medical emergency, so call 999 or go straight to A&E. I posted more details in Consumer Stuff.


Bogus business directories

I've had two emails from the so-called World Trade Register, trying to separate me from €3,000 - it's easy to fall into this trap so here's what to watch out for in a scam that goes back several years. Read more in Web & Tech...


Fed up of unsolicited phone calls

I've had a skinful of tiresome unsolicited calls selling telecoms packages recently - if you're like me, you hate being disturbed by these intrusive calls, so here are some pointers to help deal with them. More in Stopping Nuisance Phone Calls.


Interview Part 2

In Hobby Electronics I've posted the second chapter describing my evolution in hobby electronics. I've located the original prototypes from the 1970's and uploaded PDF reprints of them along with colour photos and a write-up in a separate PDF. I'm gradually going through all the projects that I published over the years.  Read more in Hobby Electronics.


TF2 with Teflon® - the story!

Not only have I worked in electronics and publishing but consumer product design too.  I created what is now the world's No. 1 400ml Teflon® spray lube for cycles. You can read the background story of TF2 in my cycling section.


Interviewing myself

I've started writing up a potted history of how I came into hobby electronics and magazine writing.  It's a multipart posting relating my earliest interests up until the present day. I include background details of some of my constructional projects and educational electronics series that I often co-wrote for Everyday Electronics.  You can learn more in my Hobby Electronics section.


Welcome aboard

This is my new site, showing a bit about what I do, what I've done and what interests me at the moment. Dive in!

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