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Will a Car Cane grab handle mobility aid fit my car?

Car Cane door handle mobility aidIf you have elderly family or relatives who struggle to get in or out of a car, the Car Cane may be just the answer. It’s a very strong handle that simply drops into the door latch mounted on the bodyshell to give some leverage, and it provides a very sturdy and reassuring extra grab handle that helps people to get a secure handhold.

This is a great idea for low cars (like mine) or high SUVs that make it hard to climb in or out of the passenger compartment. When only a door grab handle is available for support, the Car Cane adds an extra helping hand to help you climb out or get seated again.

The Car Cane is extremely strong and not too heavy. It has a steel core and comfort-grip handle and will support up to 350 lbs (25 stones)/ 158 kilos in weight.

The Car Cane has a built-in LED torch powered by two CR2032 coin cells to provide a little extra lighting, which I found handy in a car park at night time. There's more: the pointed steel member doubles as an emergency glass hammer to smash toughened glass side windows (won’t work on laminated windscreens) and also included is a seat-belt slitter in case of accidents where occupants need to be released from their seat belts.

Car Cane grab handle [click to see]Built-in LED torch [click to see]The steel square section just drops into the 'loop' of a door latch and is approx 17mm square steel. So your door lock must allow at least that much clearance or the Car Cane won’t fit through. As a test, you could cut a 17mm wide strip of cardboard to see if it will clear the lock of your vehicle in both dimensions (width and depth, so to speak) with room to spare. Owners of some Peugeots and Citroens have complained that their door locks aren't suitable, but it should fit the vast majority of cars otherwise. It shouldn't mark the paintwork during normal use either. In my case the screw mounting plate of the door latch clearly prevents the pointed end from touching the bodywork, but there's only a few millimeters of clearance.

A Car Cane has already proved a boon during a hospital trip, so for a very modest cost you can order a Car Cane direct from Amazon. Car Cane is one of the best auto gadgets I’ve bought in ages, and a great idea for elderly or infirm passenger or those who struggle to get in or out of the passenger or driver’s seat.

Simply ensure that the 'loop' of your car door lock is big enough to let the Car Cane square section pass through. Even then, you can always order one and return it if it doesn’t fit (unlikely).

Reader Comments (1)

We are well familiar with this product and can confirm that it saved many old aged clients. It's so compact and handy, a must have!

May 10, 2017 at 15:05 | Unregistered CommenterJohn m

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