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PURE digital radio 'Sounds' service closed

PURE Evoke Flow Sounds - RIP

Evoke Flow with remote control [click to see]If you have a PURE Internet radio such as the beloved Evoke Flow then you maybe enjoyed the 'Sounds' service which streamed soothing soundtracks over wi-fi to your radio receiver.  I particularly enjoyed the metal windchimes (played as background on the patio for summer parties), but most of all I enjoyed the babbling brooks, rainfall or running stream sounds which often helped me to get off to sleep at night.

PURE Sounds has been an essential and well-used feature - so imagine my surprise to find that I could suddenly no longer use them - it turns out that PURE has silenced them for ever!

They say 'they appreciate it will be disappointing news for those affected by the closure'. I'd go further and say that it's a hateful decision by PURE to chuck away this valuable service, one that will be very sorely missed indeed, and it removes a major reason for me to stay faithful to this brand. All that's left is for the streaming Internet feeds to disappear and the radio will be 'bricked'.

It goes hard on the heels of the loss of its BBC radio catch-up service (due to the BBC changing its streaming technology), the closure of PURE Connect Music - the unsuccessful on-demand music streaming package, plus it's now impossible to log into the PURE website to organise radio programme favourites like before. The Android app. doesn't cut the mustard for me either.

It's such a shame to see PURE thrashing around and nosediving this way, rewarding its loyal customers by shutting down one service after another. PURE is being sold off by loss-making chipmaker Imagination Technologies as explained here. Let's hope PURE will find a more fruitful future with new owners who see the potential in this iconic brand. Until then, I'd let the dust settle and see what happens before buying another PURE radio.

An alternative would be the Roberts Radio Stream93i, a wi-fi radio that is Spotify-compatible. Soundscapes (natural sounds) can be downloaded via Spotify but to get an ad. free service you have to subscribe at £9.99 a month, which makes it a dear do.

The news announcing the closure of PURE Sounds is at

Reader Comments (1)

so disappointing about pure. hope the new owners revive the brand and maintain the services promised to buyers of pure products. happened to me also with a Sony tv and it's internet technology. will never buy a Sony device again.

September 6, 2016 at 21:14 | Unregistered Commentersdebo

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