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Swan Teasmade spare teapot

What a palaver!

Need a teapot for one of these? (Swan STM200N)Somehow the ceramic teapot of our nine-month old Swan Teasmade (STM200N)  developed a crack. Worried that it might smash apart any time soon, it was time to source another. How hard could that be?

The Swan website states that no parts are available for my model, and the teapot’s part number quoted in the instructions STM200-01 didn’t exist either. Bother.

However the one for their earlier model (STM100N) was showing as currently in stock in their Spares section. But the Swan websites states it fits the STM100,  STM101 and STM102 [only]. Would it fit mine?

Hunting round (as I do), it’s stated elsewhere (at the Kettle and Toaster Man website ) that the same pot also fits the STM200N. Time to call in some technical help...

Phoning the Swan-Brand helpline for Teasmade, the website shows a number of 0871 200 0003. But instead of calling a 10p/ minute number Swan’s Facebook page gives a customer services number of 01733 404 703 (aha!) which goes direct to their switchboard.

There a nice receptionist put me through to their ‘Technical Helpline’ which turned out to be....  a third party supplier  Anyway, they soon stated that they had no stock and didn’t know when any would arrive either; after quizzing them they confirmed that the STM100 and STM200 use identical teapots (not that they had any).

Easyspares website

Back to the Swan website, then, and I decided to order the elusive unlisted, unavailable teapot direct from Swan – they costs £14.99 with free postage and they claim they’re in stock, so I’ve duly paid by Paypal and will see what happens. Watch this space!

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