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Jul072017 lights out?

It has somehow slipped beneath the radar but the website of - the IT vendor that rose from the ashes of the old Watford Electronics - has disappeared altogether. Nowhere can I find any details about their downfall though.

The website is unreachable and at the time of writing, their domain name has been suspended at Nominet too. The dot-com domain merely shows a private registration now.

Clearly a wheel has fallen off but it's very sad to see this particular brand name sink without trace. I used Watford Electronics some 40 years ago to supply parts for my Multi Channel gas Sensor and other magazine projects, when they ran a small shop on Cardiff Road, Watford.

The original Watford Electronics shop, 33/35 Cardiff Road.I believe that originally Watford Electronics was set up by Nazir Jessa and his son Shiraz ran it. The name 'Watford Electronics' is now a dormant company [resulting from changing the name of another associated company to Watford Electronics] controlled by Shiraz Jessa, maybe for sentimental reasons(?).'s address was Jessa House, Finway, Luton founded in the era when the home computer sector was thriving.

Several popular UK PC brand names eventually crashed and burned, including Tiny and Carrera and after diversifying into the IT sector Watford had its fair share of woes.  Today's PC market bears no resemblance to the scene of the 1990s and 2000s. A useful write-up on The Register is here.

I won't rake over the ashes any longer but I wrote a piece about the original Watford Electronics shop, as it now appears on Google Street View, here.

I also scanned my catalogue rear cover (image, left), as a nod to those fun, exciting and pioneering days of 1970s hobby electronics that I grew up with, eagerly awaiting my next packet of parts arriving in the post, paid for out of my pocket money.


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Yes, I remember several times walking from Bushey on a saturday afternoon to buy a few bits & pieces. Can't remember if I could hear the home supporters roaring from the Watford FC ground nearby, anyway I had a friend nearby who also worked for Marconi in Stanmore (by the cricket ground) who I used to play chess with. I'm sure I used to mail order from W/E when I moved. I had Saverstore on my PC browser favourites bar permanently up until maybe 5 years ago, always comparing them with Ebuyer, who no doubt have taken some of their business now. Bought maybe a couple of hundred quid's worth from saverstore over the years, my first MP3 players etc. Ah well back to ebuyer for an SSD .....

November 30, 2017 at 14:21 | Unregistered CommenterPeter Cormack

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