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An LED replacement for an old torch bulb

Dorcy LED Replacement BulbMany of us have an old torch (flashlight) or maybe an old cycle lamp that uses a traditional flanged “Prefocus” bulb. In my case I've a Duracell (4C) torch with a swivel lens that’s mainly used for DIY or emergencies. I keep it in the garage for the times when I have to stumble around in the dark to find the circuit breaker that's tripped when yet another lightbulb blew.

4C 6V Lantern with Prefocus bulb (click to see)Problem is, like all such old-fashioned incandescent lamps Prefocus bulbs are inefficient and need good batteries to get the best out of them. The four expensive Duracell ‘C’ cells in my torch are past their prime and I only get a faint yellow glow whenever I use the thing.

However I’ve found the perfect way to upgrade it using an LED Replacement Bulb marketed by the US firm Dorcy International. These hard-to-get bulbs have the same metal base as an old Prefocus type, but they have a powerful white LED instead of a filament.  Different voltages are available for 2 cell (3V) or 4.5-6V lanterns and they claim 100,000 hours of life. My 4 x ‘C’ cell torch therefore needed the 4.5-6V  type and it claimed a 40 Lumens output.

The Dorcy LED Replacement Bulb fits perfectly and even using the same tired ‘C’ cells the light output is very much brighter as my photos show. They are a bit hard to get. They might be available from e.g. ebay but beware very high postage from the USA, or try the Amazon UK links below.

With Dorcy LED Replacement LED bulb fitted. Click to seeClick to compare bulb styles

Legacy Duracell lantern with Dorcy LED bulb (click to see)I guess the time will come where the battery voltage finally drops off and the bulb fails to light, but until then it’s an excellent way of giving a traditional torch a new lease of life.

Suggested Dorcy 41-1644 40 Lumen 4.5V To 6V Led Replacement Bulb

Suggested Dorcy 41-1643 30 Lumen 3 Volt LED Replacement Bulb