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All-new Basic Soldering Guide for Kindle launched

Basic Soldering Guide Kindle editionAugust 2013 At long last my new Basic Soldering Guide ebook for Kindle is launched. Sponsored by Antex (Electronics), the UK manufacturer of soldering irons and equipment, my new guide contains more than 80 colour photos and a total rework of the original text, taking in 17 years worth of readers’ comments and questions and updating the text for current trends in soldering.

The Basic Soldering Guide contains all the information the beginner needs to solder electronics successfully, and includes guidance on choosing the right soldering iron or soldering station, details of various solders and fluxes (including how to use Colophony rosin flux), how to solder pcbs and wiring, and how to desolder. A Troubleshooting Guide is also given.

I’m hoping it will appeal to novices, trainees and those from other disciplines, such as audio or PC engineers who are faced with having to solder a wire for the first time.

Remember you don’t need a Kindle to view it as free readers are available for Windows, Mac and many smartphones. The new Basic Soldering Guide kindle Edition is available on Amazon now for $9.95.

 As highlighted on EE Times website in August 2013

Reader Comments (2)

Was very disappointed when trying to purchase that as I live in Australia owing to copyright issues the e version is unavailable.
Will this be rectified soon?
Can I obtain a hard copy?
Derek Bailey
Technical Trainer

(Email address supplied)

August 26, 2013 at 13:44 | Unregistered CommenterDerek Bailey

I am sorry for the disappointment. At this extremely early stage I chose the Kindle ebook platform for the US and major EU markets as the low startup costs make these markets accessible to me. I am looking at a hard copy version for training or workshop use as the next option, but you will appreciate the cost is much higher as the cost of publishing a print run is involved. I have had mixed reports about the quality of hard copies originating from e-books that are produced via online publishers (e.g. I am looking at publishing an entire range of training materials, and would be pleased to know what you would like to see for your training purposes.

August 27, 2013 at 11:37 | Registered CommenterAlan W

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